About Us

About us

10+ Years of experience in International Education Industry

Our Vision

Our vision is to be one of the leading education consulting service providers in Nepal where every learner experiences success and has an opportunity to realize their potential.

Our Objective

Our objective is to achieve customer satisfaction and give best services in the industry to hold the prominent position. Also to guide students from the first stage to the final stage in the process of leading them to their education destination. And to serve the students locally and internationally and expand its services worldwide.

Destination Education and Visa Services is a well-known entity established in 16th February 2015. Destination Education and Visa Services works in the field of sending students abroad for higher education. At Destination Education and Visa Services we provide students with accurate and well researched advice for fulfilling long term career goals. We have setup a unique resource to give step by step guidance for the entire process. Destination Education and Visa Services provides students with the right guidance to the best institutions enabling them to build their future. Destination Education and Visa Services projects overseas education by assisting students to get high standard of quality education and excellent living conditions.

We believe international education shall provide students with quality education, a global perspective, and international exposure catalyzing their personal and professional growth. Hence, with the help of our experts, we aim to promote internationally recognized educational institutes of Australia to international students and help them earn an internationally recognized degree.

Our Benifits

Why Choose Us?

Satisfied Clients
Visa Success
Partnered Institutions
Core Values

Our Non-Negotiable Virtue

Commitment to Clients' Satisfaction

We make sure our clients are best served and are provided with the best hospitality.


Winning trust of our clients is our first and foremost priority. 


We adhere to strong practices of moral and ethical principles and values.


We value and respect everyone, regardless of their background, abilities, or beliefs.


With great determination and dedication, we devote ourselves to our clients.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is our company’s long term competitive strategy.

Planning To Study Abroad?

Our expert counselors are here to guide you to find the best educational experience and international exposure.

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