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Why USA?

Every student has their own reasons to study in USA from Nepal and they are all linked to the benefits they can experience while studying in the US. The United States of America has become the first choice among international students when it comes to higher education. Every year, more than one million international students, including those from Nepal, apply to study in USA and the number is still growing. As of now, among all students studying in higher education in the USA, 5% are international students.

Home to top-ranked universities, the United States is truly a wonderful avenue for academic opportunities. Almost half of the best global universities are in the USA and among them, 6  are listed in the top 10 universities in the world. US universities offer international students globally recognized degrees that allow them to extend their path toward a successful career.

English Proficiency Exam To Study In USA

Your English language Proficiency Test result is the most common requirement to study in USA from Nepal. You can either take TOEFL or IELTS course in Nepal to start with your English Proficiency exam. The minimum IELTS score required to study in USA ranges between 6.5 and 9.0 – it depends upon the course and university you chose. Meanwhile, the required TOEFL scores vary from 65 to 85, depending upon the program and university chosen. However, if you want to study Ph.D. in USA, you must have higher IELTS or PTE scores. You can join IELTS or PTE course in Nepal at KTM Consulting Group to achieve higher scores.

Education System in the UK

The education system in the USA provides international students with world-class educational opportunities of all shapes and sizes. Higher education in Australia is referred as post-secondary education and it includes degree programs such as associate, bachelor, master, and research doctorate. Higher education in the United States is divided into three types of institutions: Junior/Community Colleges, vocational schools, and colleges or universities.

Junior or Community Colleges in USA

Community colleges often offer two-year associate degrees are an affordable option for international students to study in the United States. Following your graduation, you can further study at a university for another two years and complete an undergraduate program.

Vocational Schools in USA

Vocational schools are the best choice for international students who are interested in practical education and job training. They offer short and career-focused programs to prepare students to work as dental hygienists, civil engineers, chefs and other vocations that do not require a degree.

Colleges or Universities in USA

Colleges and universities offer a wide variety of subjects in the major field of study. As you complete a specified number of credits in the selected major field of study, you will be awarded a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in Australia.


Nearly 5% of students enrolled for higher education in the United States are international students, and the numbers are growing every passing year.

Visa Requirements

There are two types of student visas that USA issues – Category ‘F’ and Category ‘M.’ Category ‘F’ student visa is for international students who want to study a degree program in the USA in a college, university or other academic institution. Meanwhile, Category ‘M’ student visas are for those who want to study vocational and non-academic programs in the USA.

You can follow the following steps to obtain a US student visa.

  1. Register with KTM Consulting Group and talk with an education counselor.
  2. Apply to institutions with our help (We have a great working relationship with every one of them).
  3. Take an IELTS or any other accepted English test.
  4. Receive an i20 document.
  5. Collect student visa documents.
  6. Fill DS 160 form & book a visa interview.
  7. Attend visa interview.
  8. Collect your passport.

Student visas for international students are generally issued up to 120 days in advance of the start date of your course. You are not allowed to enter the US earlier than 30 days before the start date of your course.

Working While Studying in the USA

Student culture at American universities can be described as a “work hard, play hard” culture. Studying in the USA means you are within one of the best higher education systems in the world ad have access to advanced technology and research. Besides quality education, it also allows you to have advanced English language skills and valuable intercultural experience.

There are 4000+ institutions and universities in the USA that offer undergraduate, postgraduate, master’s, and doctorate degrees, and among them, 40 are on the list of the top 100 universities in the world. Every institute is unique and has something special to offer. From first-class academics to international-friendly studies programs, you have a variety of options to choose from. Besides, US universities offer general education courses with which you can gain exposure to different specializations.

Another major reason international students pursue higher education in the USA is that it is very flexible to select a major course in the nation. It means you have a great opportunity to explore your interests before you actually choose your academic degree program. You can enroll in a specific major at the start and if not, you can also begin as an undeclared major, and take your time to make your choice.

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