Skilled Work Regional (provisional) SUBCLASS 491 VISA

Skilled Work Regional (provisional) SUBCLASS 491 VISA

Do you wish to reside and work in Australia’s designated regional areas? Do you intend to stay for a further five years?

Apply for Australia’s recently launched subclass 491 visa, the Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa!

Why Choose Subclass 491 Visa?

A provisional visa is the subclass 491, Skilled Work Regional (Provisional). For a period of five years, it permits qualified professionals and their families to reside, study, and work in Australia’s designated regional districts. The visa is good for five years. However, if they meet all the requirements, holders of valid visas may be able to apply after three years for a Subclass 191 Permanent Residence visa.

Qualification Standards

In order to qualify for the visa, you have to be

  • nominated by the government of a state or territory, or be sponsored by a qualified relative living in a recognized regional area
Australia’s Designated Regional Areas

Adelaide, Canberra, Gold Coast, Perth, and Hobart are designated regional areas. Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane are not included on the list.

The Distribution Of Points In Subclass 491

Subclass 491 Visa Applications are subject to a point test, just as applications for other General Skilled Migration Visas. These points are often determined by the age, qualifications, work experience both domestically and abroad, English proficiency, and Australian studies of the visa application. The point system for all skilled migration visas has been revised, though, and extra points can now be earned in the following criteria.

  • Candidates sponsored by a family member who lives in a remote area of Australia or recommended by a State or Territory government will receive 15 points.
  • 10 Points for a De Facto or Skilled Spouse
  • Ten Points The applicant is single or has a spouse who is either an Australian citizen or a permanent resident of Australia. The applicant does not have a spouse or de facto partner.
  • Five points are awarded to applicants whose spouse or de facto partner speaks English well and is not an Australian citizen nor a permanent resident.
  • For specific STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) qualifications, 10 points
The 491 Visa Invitation Process

You are given a ranking for invitational reasons if you are a

  • Those applying for a visa who are single or who have a skilled partner
  • Candidates whose partners can give evidence of their proficiency in English
  • Candidates whose partners are unable to produce evidence of their proficiency in English or skilled partner points
Can Holders of 491 Visas Apply for Other Visas?

You are not eligible to apply for other General Skilled Migration program visas if you currently have a 491 visa.

How You Are Entitled To Permanent Residency

Subclass 491 visa is for five years, however, you can apply for PR SC 191 visa provided you meet the criteria.
Subclass 191 can be applied after meeting conditions such as.

  • Live, study or work in a regional area for 3 years while you are holding a 491 visa
  • Show annual salary of at least $53,900 for 3 years

Visa Class

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FAQs About Skilled Work Regional (provisional) SUBCLASS 491 VISA

The Subclass 491 Visa is an Australian visa designed to encourage skilled workers to live and work in specific regional areas of the country. It is a provisional visa with a pathway to permanent residency.

This visa contributes to Australia’s regional development by directing skilled migrants to regional areas that have skill shortages. It supports these areas in growing their economies and communities.

Unlike certain other skilled visas, the Subclass 491 Visa requires nomination by a state or territory government agency or sponsorship by an eligible family member residing in a designated regional area of Australia.

To be eligible, you must have a nominated occupation on the relevant skilled occupation list, obtain a suitable skills assessment for that occupation, meet the points test requirement, receive an invitation to apply, and meet health and character requirements, among other criteria.

The points test is a scoring mechanism used to assess your eligibility for the Subclass 491 Visa. Points are awarded based on factors such as age, English language proficiency, work experience, education, and regional nomination or sponsorship.

Yes, you can include eligible family members such as your spouse or de facto partner and dependent children in your application. They must meet health and character requirements.

Changing your nominated occupation after visa approval could have implications for your visa status. It’s essential to choose the correct occupation during the application process.

Yes, the Subclass 491 Visa offers a pathway to permanent residency through the Subclass 191 Visa (Permanent Residence (Skilled Regional)) provided you meet certain residency and other criteria while living and working in a designated regional area.

One of the primary conditions is that you must live, work, and study only in a designated regional area of Australia. Additionally, you’re required to update the government about your location.

Processing times can vary depending on individual circumstances, application accuracy, and other factors. For the most current information, it’s advisable to refer to the Department of Home Affairs website.

You need to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) through the SkillSelect system. Once you receive an invitation, you can proceed to lodge a visa application with all the necessary documents.

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